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"Wow! What a fantastic, affordable service!
Thank you Personal Niche for taking care of the tasks I needed done around my home."

Jim H. ~ Marysville

Area of Expertise: Home Improvement

Home Improvement


Your Full Service Home Improvement Specialist!

Thinking of remodeling or improving the beatiful home you already have.

Well now you have a friend in the construction business!!

Home improvement examples:

  • Decks: cedar, composite 
  • Fencing: install repair or remove...cedar, chain link, and composites of all sorts and varieties
  • Concrete work, Repair, Replace, New, custom and stamped
  • Bathroom remodel, repairs or expantions
  • Kitchen remodel, repair or expantion, uprgrade
  • Landscaping design, install and maintenance
  • Retaining walls, fences, patios
  • New doors, windows, Awnings
  • Siding repaired, replaced

Handyman projects of all types

    Bathroom remodeled, junk hauled away, concrete driveway replaced, deck rebuilt, floors redone or what ever your project is...
    Personal Niche is the ONE Source to call.


    Our qualified installers and technicians will help you accomplish the home improvement projects you have in mind.

    Visit our gallery of photos and let our work speek for itself.

    Then contact us to finish your next home improvement project!

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