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"Wow! What a fantastic, affordable service!
Thank you Personal Niche for taking care of the tasks I needed done around my home."

Jim H. ~ Marysville

Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What is Personal Niche Inc.?
A. We are a full-service Home Improvement and Handyman services company. We specialize in all tasks and repairs that you have on your "Fix-It & Honey-Do-Lists". We make it convenient and affordable to get your projects done. Our experience and expertise is solid and going on 30yrs.

Q. What if it IS a major repair or construction?
A. There is no job too small or too big, Wether it's minor repairs or major remodeling ONE call to Personal Niche will do it ALL! That way you won't need to call in several craftsmen to get your project done.

Q. How do I pay for your Service"?
A. You have a few options. You can pay by the hour which is the case if it is minor repairs, or we can give you a no obligation estimate for the larger projects.  Payment for all hourly services will be due in full upon completion of the service(workorder). Payment for estimated jobs is 50% for deposit and the other 50% due on completion.
A2. Or if you are a comercial job we can invoice you for the workorders.

Materials are billed in addition to the contracts at cost plus 25% or may be purchased separately by the homeowner. We accept cash, check, debit and credit cards.

Q. Who will perform the service?
A. There's no need to make multiple calls to different service providers or contractors to set up different appointments for your home/office maintenance and repair projects.

Call Personal Niche, make one convenient appointment and we'll take care of you. We'll see to it that everything on your "Fix-it & Honey-Do-lists" gets finished.

  • We arrive at your home/office on time.
  • No project is too small or too big.
  • Our service technicians are highly trained and certified.
  • Your satisfaction is always guaranteed.
  • All work is guaranteed for 1 year.